Afterschool Partnership

The South Dakota Afterschool Partnership promotes quality, out-of-school programming for all South Dakota.

The South Dakota Afterschool Partnership is a statewide network of diverse partners dedicated to quality before-school, after-school, summer and weekend programs for all of South Dakota’s school-age children and youth.

The Afterschool Partnership’s vision is that every child of school age will have access to enriching opportunities in a safe and healthy environment during out-of-school time.

The mission of the South Dakota Afterschool Partnership is to advocate for sustainable, quality after-school programs.

How does South Dakota compare to the nation?

With 76% of South Dakota parents with school-age children working outside the home, South Dakota has a great need for quality after-school programs. The chart below shows that more programs are required in South Dakota to meet the needs of our school-age children and their families.

National Comparison 2009 South Dakota 2009 National

Kids in after-school programs

12% 15%

Kids in self care

37% 26%

Kids in sibling care

13% 14%

Parents extremely/somewhat satisfied with after-school program

100% 89%

Kids who would participate if an after-school program were available

32% 38%


This information is taken from a survey by America After 3PM. South Dakota families were surveyed to see how many children are in after-school programs, how many are unsupervised after school and how these numbers compare to five years ago. America After 3PM provides the most comprehensive and accurate picture to date of what this nation’s youth are doing each day after school. With a sample size of nearly 30,000, the report provides an in-depth view of every state in the nation.